Please send submissions of no more than three (3) original photos, each as a separate submission. A cover letter is a nice way to break the ice but not necessary, however, be sure to include contact information such as: name and email in your submission.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable with notice of such, but please notify us immediately if the work we are considering has been accepted elsewhere. 
When you submit a photo to us that is accepted elsewhere, then all you need to do is go back into the submission manager and withdraw the file . No need to email us; no need to list which ones are still available and which are not; just withdraw the photo and and it's done.

Response time can be anywhere from immediate to two months.

Restrictions: We do not want to see nor will we accept explicit sex or nudity. We will also not consider stuff that depict physical harm to any beings (human or non-human), nor will we tolerate any threatening content. Our aim is not to censor you or your work, but we feel that great art comes from a place of compassion and understanding, not violence and fear. Every piece of art will be considered by our editors, and we reserve the right to reject any work that we feel violates these restrictions.